About Troy


As a kid, Troy reveled in fantasy. He became engrossed in creating maps, leather pouches, and smashing bottle caps to use as gold coins. Armed with sticks and homemade capes, he would explore the forest and enter worlds of pure imagination. As he grew older, Dungeons & Dragons ignited this passion into a wildfire, allowing him to experience epic quests on a whole new level (mixed with a healthy dose of humor).

Engulfed by stories and their heroes, the lessons he experienced through those fictional eyes integrated with his personality, which only pulled him deeper into each new fantastical battle and world, connecting him to characters who became as real as his closest friends.

Despite this, English frustrated him to no end. It wasn’t until he found an interest in etymology, the study of the origin of words, to discover a true passion for the art of writing. Armed with renewed enthusiasm and a vivid imagination, he set himself to authoring short stories, novelettes, then novels. While they never went anywhere, those endeavors matured his understanding of literature and story structure. This growing obsession—coupled with a love of creating worlds, characters, and events that draw in its reader—culminated with the largest scale world and plot he had ever attemptedthe world of Valeron and The Fates of Gods & Men series.

Troy strives to develop the same fervor in his readers that so many other books have enthralled him with, hoping every reader will find the same bittersweet farewell in those last few pages.

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